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Room to Move / Human Factor Development (RTM/HFD)
Marc Schabracq founded RTM/HFD in 1987. Since then, he has done a lot of work for all kinds of organizations. All his assignments focused on the human side of change and solving the problems involved. In 2012 Roos, his daughter, became a partner. Together they developed the current products mentioned on this website. 

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Marc Schabracq
Marc J. Schabracq

Having started out doing research on non-verbal communication at the Clinical Psychology department of University of Amsterdam, I came to work for their department of Social Psychology. Here I laid the foundation for my training expertise by developing and teaching programs in social skills, counseling and interviewing. The next step was developing an Occupational Health Psychology MD curriculum for the department of Organizational Psychology. Here my preoccupation with the human side of change began to take shape. At that time, now 25 years ago, my consulting practice took off as well. Writing proved to be an excellent way to make sense of it all, for myself as well as for others (see the list of most my important publications) Looking back it has always been a great joy to be able to help a lot of individuals and teams in a great variety of organizations. At the moment I am enjoying to work with my daughter and getting pleasantly surprised time after time.

Main interest: Guiding people through personal en organizational changes

Other activities: Art, traveling, writing, studying
Roos Schabracq
Roos Schabracq

Having worked a lot on bridging the gap between ICT and the human factor, my focus has always consisted of the people using the system, which has been crucial for all of my successes. Spending much time on how to work with people in different cultures (India, Malaysia, USA & The Netherlands) and improving processes for my own team as well as for my clients ignited my interest in enhancing well-being, job satisfaction and communication. As a team manager coaching proved to be the major success factor. All in all I learned that building and maintaining good relationships is what really makes the difference. This made me decide to shift gears in this respect and to put working on the human factor first altogether. That is why I decided to join my father in his work on coping with change. This turned out to be a perfect choice.

Main interests: Self-empowerment, autonomy, resilience, balance and all the resulting creativity
Other activities: Raising my teenage son, art, traveling, writing, studying, project management, design, photography, yoga, horses


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