So now what

A program for coping with job loss Introduction
So now what?
Imagine that you yourself would lose your job. How would that affect you, your partner, your children and their future? These are hard times and involuntary job loss can generate intense emotions, severe stress, fatigue and all kinds of bodily complaints. It also may damage your self-esteem, result in depression and, as such, seriously interfere with your capacities to find a new job. And all of this can take a lot of time.

'So now what?’ is a program for employees who have recently become redundant. The program helps the participants to get a grip on the emotional and bodily effects of losing their job. Going through the program enables them to regain the mental resources they need to go for a new job or another meaningful pastime.

  • Group counseling and instruction in a safe environment (two days, five day parts, overnight stay)
  • The program is fine-tuned to the specific level of the participants 

Results at the organizational level
  • Saving money by accelerating the transition process considerably
  • Showing to be a good employer, demonstrating real care for the well-being of employees, which is an important signal to the ones staying and potential newcomers as well
  • Creating ambassadors of the organization
  • Prevention of litigation and undesirable publicity

Results at the individual level
  • Saving a substantial amount of time by accelerating the transition process considerably
  • Taking responsibility for one’s situation and occupying oneself more effectively with the promises the future offers
  • Coping more effectively with situational and personal sources of stress
  • Mood improvement and not being determined anymore by hurt and abuse
  • Better recognition and use of one’s strong and weak sides
  • Integrating one’s values and motives in shaping one’s future
  • Exploring and shaping one’s future
  • The option of a better fitting career
  • A personal action plan
  • If needed, referral to a specialist (personal coach, general practitioner

  • Employees who recently lost their job
  • Max. eight participants
  • Max. six participants: for managers and professionals
  • Trainer: Marc Schabracq
  • Co-trainer: Roos Schabracq

All Dutch speaking participants get a ‘how to’ book of 400 pages, which offers the opportunity to come to a more profound insight
M.J. Schabracq (2010) Wat nu? Schiedam: Scriptum

Track record
Average judgment: significantly above 8 (on a 10 points scale) over 200 times

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