Exploring the Land beyond the Horizon

A program for when employment has become insecure
Exploring the land beyond the horizon
Suddenly your job becomes insecure. How would that affect you? Job insecurity often is a major source of stress, certainly at a later age and with a long history of being employed in that organization. This stress interferes with performance on the job, the capabilities to find another job and also affects the functioning of your colleagues whose jobs are not at stake.

The one day workshop ‘Exploring the Land beyond the Horizon’ addresses the stress responses inherent in job insecurity and what can be done about them. Also it involves an exploration of the participants’ strong points as well as a first exploration of their different options. This sets them free to look around for another job more effectively, inside or outside the organization.

  • The program is attuned to the specific level of the participants
  • Group counseling and instruction in a safe environment (one day, two day parts)
Results at the team and organizational level
  • Better performance of the participants at work
  • Much less disturbance of work processes
  • Showing to be a good employer, demonstrating real care for the well-being of employees, which is an important signal to the ones staying and potential newcomers as well

Results at the individual level
  • Coping more effectively with situational and personal sources of stress
  • Mood improvement and not being determined by hurt and abuse
  • Clarifying the pillars under one’s career
  • A first exploration of shaping one’s future
  • Taking responsibility for shaping one’s future

  • Employees for whom their employment in the present organization has become insecure due to reorganization
  • Max. 8 participants

  • Trainer: Marc Schabracq
  • Co-trainer: Roos Schabracq

All participants get a ‘how to’ book, which offers the opportunity to come to more effective stress management
M.J. Schabracq & C.L. Cooper (2001) Stress als keuze. Schiedam: Scriptum (a non-published, English translation is available too)

Track record
Average judgment: 8 (on a 10 points scale) over circa 50 times

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Stress als keuze


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