Cultivating Change Land

A program for teams affected by reorganization and/or lay-off
Cultivating change land
Did you notice that reorganizations, especially when they coincide with lay-offs can have a huge impact on the team performance of the people who stay in the organization? As colleagues and managers disappear, the situation feels less safe: today you, tomorrow me. Moreover, new colleagues make their appearance and in some organizations there are frequent changes of managers as well. Each with their own agenda of changes, some only staying a few months. Work processes may change as well. Tasks may be computerized and expert systems may take over, leaving the team members with impoverished jobs. As such, reorganizations can generate serious dismay and stress for all involved, badly affecting their performance.

Getting grip on things again and, if possible, again enriching jobs somewhat in a more personal and meaningful way is the logical highway to regaining a sense of control and meaningfulness, and getting rid of anxiety. These are important conditions for identifying with and taking responsibility for the new situation. Meeting these conditions is a crucial factor in preventing poor well-being, health complaints and burnout on the one hand and diminished team performance and production, as well as damaged social relations on the other.

The program puts the present situation in a wider perspective of life events and addresses the sense of loss in such a way that it becomes a unique team building factor. The next step is then turning to the future and assessing the main challenges in the present situation in order to come to shared solutions and clear mutual expectations. So the program aims at generating a new and healthy high performance team culture, and personal growth as well.

  • The program is custom-tailored to the specific level of the participants
  • If needed, some interviewing and fact finding before the course, to assess special points of attention and optimally custom-tailor the approach
  • Group counseling and instruction in a safe environment (two days, five day parts)

Results at the team and organizational level
  • Improved motivation, more initiative, higher activity level, improved effectiveness and better performance
  • Better atmosphere
  • Clearer team roles and more synergy
  • Lower sick-leave and turn-over
  • Demonstrating real care for the well-being of employees
Results at the individual level
  • Mood improvement: enthusiasm instead of being determined by hurt and abuse
  • More creativity and individual development
  • Prevention of poor well-being, health complaints and burnout

  • Teams of max. 12 participants who have been subjected to radical reorganizations
  • Trainer: Marc Schabracq
  • Co-trainer: Roos Schabracq
All Dutch speaking participants get a ‘how to’’ book of 400 pages, which offers the opportunity to come to a more profound insight
M.J. Schabracq (2010) Wat nu? Schiedam: Scriptum

Track record 
This is a new program, developed in 2012, because of the increasing need of such a program in many big organizations

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