Crowning glory

Designing the last part of their careers
Crowning glory
Many top managers and most non-executive managers are over 50. Still many managers, including the ones over 50, see employees older than 50 as a problematic group. Rightly so? Only partly at the most. However, there has surely been a lot of long overdue maintenance in this respect, as well as a vicious cycle of stereotyping and self-fulfilling prophecies. Still the story that, when your employees turn 50, a siren goes off and after that they are entirely demented, appears not to be true. And the news is that our working population is ageing quickly, while the well-educated younger employees have become a scarce commodity. This program breaks the vicious cycle by helping the participants to:
  • put their life and work in perspective,
  • take stock of one’s working life,
  • assess their stronger and weaker points, and what can be done to improve this,
  • answer the question how they want to shape their last career stage,
  • make a realistic action plan to pull this off.
Of course, the actual plans are far from uniform. As a matter of fact, when people age they tend to become more different. Neonates are sometimes accidentally swapped, but this almost never happens to employees over 50. 

  • Some interviewing and fact finding to come to a custom-tailored approach
  • Group counseling and instruction in a safe environment (3 separate days, 6 day parts, individual 2 hour coaching session)

Results at the team and organizational level
  • Better motivated and better performing senior personnel
  • Better use of the available talents and skills
  • More continuity in external relations
  • Conservation of the strong points of the organizational culture
  • Less conflicts and a better atmosphere
  • More mentoring and on the job coaching for younger employees
  • Older employees with more state of the art knowledge and skills
  • Better team performance
  • Lower sick-leave and turn-over
  • Demonstrating real care for the well-being of employees
  • Some good ambassadors of the company

Results at the individual level
  • More meaningful work, better geared to individual values and needs
  • Higher work satisfaction
  • Individual development
  • Prevention of health complaints and burnout

  • 12 participants of 50 and older
  • The program is custom-tailored to the specific needs of the participants

  • Trainer: Marc Schabracq
  • Co-trainer: Roos Schabracq


All Dutch speaking participants get a ‘how to’ book of 400 pages, which offers the opportunity to come to a more profound insight.
M.J. Schabracq (2010) Wat nu? Schiedam: Scriptum 

Track record
Since 1993, Marc Schabracq has done a great number of all kinds of interventions for elderly personnel in all kinds of organizations (among which 14 three-day programs at ING-HRN, with an individual coaching session afterwards, together with David Jan van Stolk of De Baak).


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