Transition at work

Our transition training programs:

Can painful changes in the work life of your employees actually improve the organization as well as the quality of their work life? In general the answer is yes, but the specific effects depend on the kind of change. Especially when this happens in a well-guided way.
Still, saying farewell to their familiar ways of acting, thinking and feeling at their work can be quite devastating. The more so if it happens involuntarily, unexpectedly and after so many years. The same goes for all the paralyzing uncertainty, fatigue and stress which are often involved.
On the other hand, if they can work through all of that in a relatively short course, there is also a brand new future to explore and experiment with. Doing things they even like better, staying closer to their values and being more appreciated and recognized then become more feasible options. Actually, most people who have successfully gone through such a transition feel stronger and enriched by it, even though they didn’t believe so at all beforehand.
We offer the following programs (all in-company):