Lonely at the top

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Lonely at the top
Are you confronted with matters of importance with which you have to deal entirely on your own? A radical change in your organization or a brand new position for example, while people expect a lot of you? A good sparring partner can then be invaluable. ‘Lonely at the top’ has acquired profound experience and expertise in guiding both organizational and personal change. Though primarily focused on organizational issues, ‘Lonely at the top’ also addresses blind spots, mental obstacles and undesirable automatisms of the manager or professional, which by the way often appear to coincide with the ‘do's’ and ‘don't's’ of the organizational culture.


‘Lonely at the top’ is always custom-tailored, consists of sessions of one day part, varies in frequency and total length (in principle, as short as possible and desirable) and the coach can play varying roles (from psychotherapist and organizational consultant to strategist and court jester). The methods can vary greatly. Examples are:
  • techniques to come to more self-insight (counseling, focusing, using fantasy etc.),
  • goal-setting and motivating techniques,
  • creativity boosting techniques,
  • dialogue techniques,
  • all kinds of exercises and instruction (tips, theoretical knowledge).

Results at the team and organizational level
  • Exploring and clarifying problems, options, constraints, goals, strategy, tactics and pitfalls
  • Developing better plans and scenarios
  • Implementing solutions leading to a better organization and better organizational changes

Results at the individual level
  • Emotional growth and individual development
  • Improved analytical, problem solving and relational skills
  • Becoming more of a real leader

  • Individual managers and professionals

  • Marc Schabracq
  • Roos Schabracq

Track record

We successfully coached a great number of managers and professionals from all levels


At our office in Amsterdam, during a walk, or at another convenient place


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