Stress is a choice!

Our stress management programs:
Stress is a choice
Stress refers to a set of responses to danger and loss of control, which man shares with many other animals. These reactions go together with hormonal changes, affect one’s reserves, exhaust one in the longer run and ultimately may lead to breakdown. Though stress can mobilize energy to deal with an emergency and get one through an unbearable episode, most stress responses are not geared to our present organizations. One must then suppress these responses, which demands extra effort and throws one in a state that is often not recognized as stress anymore. Moreover, stress is not only unpleasant and damaging for the individuals involved, but is also very contagious and can be devastating and very costly for teams and organizations.

To do something about stress it is necessary to be able to recognize its symptoms, which is often difficult, also because stress phenomena vary from person to person. ‘Stress is a choice’ not only teaches participants to recognize their stress responses, but also makes them aware of their external stress sources, personal vulnerabilities to stress and habitual ways of coping. They learn techniques to calm down, deal with their personal vulnerabilities and to take away or neutralize their external stress sources, in short to extend their coping repertoire in a highly personalized way. As a result their world becomes more manageable, comprehensible and meaningful, and they develop much more effective, pleasant and creative ways of functioning, and all of this in a more social way. As such ‘Stress is a choice’ is a win-win solution both for individual employees and organizations.

  • Stress management programs are always custom-tailored, vary in length and can take the following forms
  • Programs from two to five consecutive day parts for employees who are burdened by stress, dependent of the severity of the stress complaints
  • Programs from two to five consecutive day parts for managers and team leaders who want to address the stress levels in their teams
  • Team coaching programs for existing teams with a too high stress level
  • Organization-wide approaches
  • Individual coaching of managers for dealing with their own stress and /or the stress levels in their teams and organization
  • The methods vary from assessment of stress-related phenomena, all kinds of exercises, group counseling and instruction in a safe environment.

Results at the team and organizational level
  • Improved motivation, more initiative, higher activity level, improved effectiveness and better performance
  • Higher job satisfaction and better atmosphere
  • More creativity and individual development
  • Better cooperation, as well as less conflicts and social isolation
  • Better internal and external relations
  • Less resistance to change
  • Lower sick leave and turnover

Results at the individual level
  • Knowledge about stress, its causes and consequences
  • The ability to identify stress reactions at an early stage
  • The ability to recognize and assess stress sources in the organization
  • The ability to make stress risks discussable, as well as awareness of pitfalls and excuses in this respect
  • Coping skills at the individual, job, team and organizational level
  • Knowledge about possible solutions by other parties

  • Employees and managers who are bothered by stress, their own or the stress of their colleagues or team
  • Group sizes vary


  • Trainer: Marc Schabracq
  • Co-trainer: Roos Schabracq


All participants get a how to book which offers the opportunity to come to more effective stress management
M.J. Schabracq & C.L. Cooper (2001) Stress als keuze.Schiedam: Scriptum (a non-published, English translation is available too)

Track record

A great number of all kinds of stress-related interventions in a great number of organizations, among which McKinsey, the VVD (2nd Chamber members and personal assistants) and a great number of international two-day programs at KLM


The location may vary, mostly in an external congress center


Stress als keuze


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